Opto+ has 23 optical designs, grouped in 9 line series.

Indeed, some designs may share some mathematical aspects or may be indicated for similar wearers. Therefore, we grouped them in line series.
For every one of you, for every aspect of your life, we have the perfect line to let you “watch every second of your life”.

Starter Logo

When a single pair of lenses is no longer enough to fit all your needs, it’s time to try a progressive lens! For us “Every moment is a new start”, so the STARTER line is your first progressive middle design, especially created for novice progressive weavers.
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Ares Logo

If you spend a lot of time driving, you need a progressive design with an incredibly wide far zone (180°) to better enjoy the roads.
All roads lead to Rome but all roads need the ARES Design.
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Infinity Line Logo

If you are looking for a tailored design to better fit a special need, you need one of our infinite length combinations.
INFINITY line has fully configurable zones (far, near and corridor) for the most demanding wearers.
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Ultimate Logo

The best optical performance is reached with the ULTIMATE line. Wide and smooth corridors for the “ultimate vision comfort”. For indoor and outdoor activities.
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Extreme Line Logo

We created the perfect design for dynamic people who need to push their limits to the Extreme.
The EXTREME line, a top-quality design for people requiring only one pair of lenses for multiple activities.
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Work and ZeroStress Logo

WORK and ZEROSTRESS are the 2 lines respectively born for adults spending time at office and young students requesting a relax lens for their studies.
WORK line has the optimal vision distance spanning from 0.6m to 4m, with 0.1m step.
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Blended Line Logo

BLENDED: “technology gives its best when it is invisible”, a principle which led to the invisible bifocal lens, the optimal choice when the progressive design is not the right option for you.
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Myostop Line Logo

Children myopia is the most common eye problem and tends to worsen over time. Opto+ cares about letting children grow with clear vision and incredible details. Thus, the MYOSTOP single-vision design was specifically born to control the myopia progression in children.
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