Every lens manufacturer knows how many limitations lens design software typically has, and how complex and constraint-affected progressive lens design is.

OPTO+ Calc is a new concept of LDS (Lens Design System) software that reimagines the idea of progressive lens design, using the most advanced technology at our disposition.

The lens design innovation introduced by OPTO+ stems from the study and realization of new geometries for multifocal ophthalmic lenses. We define them “native”, as they are computed each time from scratch – following criteria and formulas defined for each type of design lens – when a new lens has to be calculated for a customer.

Designing progressive lenses has never been so easy and its fundamentals are being revolutionized by the OPTO+ lens design software.

The lens design software made by OPTO+ comes with a new process, which brings features and advantages that are not available in other lens designs.

    • Amazon AWS Cloud Platform: Scalar Computing Power. OPTO+ is able to calculate 2 lenses every 5 sec (1440 lenses per hour) with the base setup. In case that limit is be reached or exceeded, OPTO+ automatically adds more scale power to maintain calculation speed. 
    • OPTO+ gives the possibility to analyze the lenses via software using the actual shape of the calculated lenses, without having a physical lens mapper in house. Each calculated lens gives you both a 2D and 3D view of power and cylinder maps, even in Virtual Reality, allowing you to inspect the actual astigmatism value in each point of the lens.


      • The OPTO+ software returns the thickness value at each point of the lens.
    Our lens designs look super-innovative when compared to the previous ones on market. When requesting the same values and type of design, our designs provide lower astigmatism, cleaner and wider areas. The key factor is that we are relying on algorithms based on curved surfaces (usage of basic circle math to get curves) instead of using algorithms based on curves’ maths (bspaline, nurbs, etc.) which introduce additional astigmatisms.Here below, one of the most used lenses on the market (on the left), compared with our new MAGIC progressive lens (on the right), using the same cylinder range on the legend. Both are neutral lenses, with +2 addition.

    OPTO+ has several variable designs, providing a customizability never seen on the market before: DIGIT, IFLEX, VARIO, IPROG, IPROF and PUNCTUAL. These designs allow laboratories to choose the width in mm of some or all the vision areas (far, near and intermediate, depending on the design) and create their innovative, tailor-made progressive lenses.