The LDS software, acronym of Lens Design System, plays the key role in the process of creating an ophthalmic lens. Its main task consists in dealing with the math which leads to the correct lens shape, while preserving the efficiency and the throughput of a production line.

Therefore, an LDS has to be accurate, reliable and fast:

  • Accurate in always providing the best possible design. Astigmatisms and thicknesses have to be as low as possible and vision areas have to be as wide as possible.
  • Reliable in being able to compute lenses in every condition, with any IT equipment the laboratory might use and under any workload the production line might experience.
  • Fast, in order to allow the laboratory to produce as many lenses as possible during the workday. Indeed, being able to produce a lens in the shortest possible time is a key requirement both for huge and small laboratories.

By far, LDS software producers have been focusing on generating new lens designs and increasing their accuracy. However, they are still delegating the task of dealing with reliability and speed to the laboratory and its IT infrastructure (i.e., buying enough and powerful-enough hardware).

Opto+ completely reverses the described starting point, dealing with all the mentioned aspects: accuracy, as well as reliability, as well as speed. After all, these three key requirements are tightly bound to each other: an LDS software cannot be just accurate without being also reliable and fast.
How to guarantee each of the three key requirements?
The answer is: the cloud infrastructure.
By relying on a distributed grid of cloud resources, Opto+ natively benefits of the greatest computation power, the greatest reliability, and the greatest speed in the LDS world.

Based on this, Opto+ allows our engineers and opticians to develop innovative lens designs, leading to lower astigmatism and lower thickness values than our competitors.
Moreover, our infrastructure allows us to overcome the usual computation limits which typically affect other Lens Design Software, enabling us to create variable progressive designs. Indeed, Opto+ can rely on so much computing power that we are even able to produce tailor-made progressive designs every time from scratch, according to the specific needs of the single wearer. The laboratory can customize every area of the design (far, intermediate, and near), with no additional resource consumption.

Therefore, Opto+ is natively accurate, natively reliable, and natively fast. Neither the laboratory organization, nor its IT infrastructure, nor its geographical position affect its effectiveness.

By following our path of innovation, another need emerged: the possibility to preview the computed lens without having to wait for its production.
Indeed, most LDS software delegates the task of verifying the production outcome either to the LMS or to the laboratory personnel (when equipped with lens-analysis machinery). In the end, the verification is usually performed in the terminal phase of the process, when the lens is already produced.
Instead, Opto+ natively integrates a 2D, 3D, and even VR (virtual reality) graphical visualizer, which provides an accurate representation of the actual cylinder and power map of every computed lens, together with the exact astigmatism and the exact thickness value on each point of the lens.

Opto+ completely revolutionizes the laboratory workflow: previously, the laboratory produced the lens and checked it only afterwards. Thanks to Opto+, the laboratory can compute and check every lens before physically producing it, leading to time savings, earlier fault detections, and a product quality increase.

This feature, natively integrated in Opto+, also serves as a basis for Opto+ View, our exclusive web-based lens inspection system. As you know, every LDS generates an analysis file along with the computed lens. By dragging and dropping such analysis files, Opto+ View allows you to graphically inspect lenses computed by any LDS. Moreover, it allows you to graphically compare two designs generated by two different LDSes, according to a unique reference scale.

Opto+ is the future of LDS software! Accurate, reliable, fast, and even a powerful analysis and QA tool.

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